Our story begins in my high school parking lot in 1993 when my best friend and I were waiting for a ride. As the car approached, I heard something new and exciting. I didn't understand it at the time, but what I was hearing was the result of a subwoofer powered by the renowned Rockford Fosgate "Punch" amplifier. The air was electrified. I didn't just hear the music, I felt it. From that moment I am captivated by car audio. Fast forward two years as I get my start working as a professional installer of car security and remote starters at H&R Auto Radio in Allentown, PA. A year later I meet David George and George Romberger of Blossom Studios. They would become my mentors. David George designed and built "car audio" systems while George Romberger designed and built "home audio" systems. The two of them simply saw it as “audio”. I am hooked on this concept.


After working at H&R Auto Radio during the day, I drive across town and spend hours just listening to music at their studio. This is where I first hear the warmth and musicalness of vacuum tube amplifiers and high-end audio. The sound is amazing. Within a few months I am hired as an installer for Blossom Studios. Over the next seven years, David and George teach me their craft of designing and building audio systems, a blueprint for sound that I still use to this day on every installation. Blossom Studios closes in 2001 over artistic differences.


In the spring of 2002 with just enough money and a dream, I open Blossom Installations in the Pocono Mts., PA where I continue to carry on “Qualität aus Tradition”. I find myself just as excited today designing and building audio systems and installing vehicle electronics as I was all those years ago.


My love for audio extends from my shop into my home. Here I have a collection of vintage German vacuum tube radios along with a high fidelity two channel audio system utilizing a Rega P6 turntable as the input source while movie nights are enjoyed in a dedicated surround sound theater. My hobbies include a big turbo sport compact car and spending the summers on our boat at Lake Wallenpaupack with family and friends.
Pocono Mountains, PA